Large Residential Solar PV & Energy Storage Installation

The owner of this residential property in Cornwall wanted to install a PV & Energy Storage system to help reduce the sites high energy demand and lower their carbon footprint.

The property has several holiday lets, home offices and commercial refrigeration, as well as the main residence so to maximise the benefit of the system an application was submitted to National Grid for the largest system possible on the existing single-phase supply. Approval was granted for a 10KW AC connection with export limited to 5KW.

Utilizing Solax 5KW hybrid Inverters a 18.70kWp array was installed due to the Inverters high oversizing capability. 11.6kWh of battery capacity was installed on each Inverter giving an overall storage capacity of 23.2kWh and with the Inverters configured in parallel a charge/discharge rate of 10KW could be achieved, meaning the system could cope with the highest energy peaks.

The site also benefits from a split-rate electricity tariff, so the batteries are also able to be charged from the grid at night, on a cheaper tariff, to be used in the day or exported for additional income.