Ground Mounted Solar PV & Energy Storage System

Solgen were instructed to install this 8kWp ground mounted PV System by the owners of a recently renovated property near Launceston.

The property had an Air Source Heat Pump installed so the decision was made to submit an application to National Grid to see if a larger system could be installed to help offset the running costs of the heating system in the winter, with the view gain additional income by selling surplus energy back to the grid in the summer through the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)

The customer also wanted to install Energy Storage to help power the property at night and at times of high demand so a 7.68kWh BYD Battery was installed with the Fronius Gen 24 hybrid Inverter.

National Grid needed the export to be limited to 3.68KW which is controlled by the Inverter Smart Meter which also provides consumption data to the customer via the Fronius Solar.Web app.

The customer did not want a system on the roof of the property, and liked the idea of being able to clean the modules frequently without access equipment. The customer has also planted a small hedge to screen the array from the far reaching views of the property.