Higher Trevallett Farm – Launceston

Andrew & Jayne Jones recently invested in a state of the art rotary milking parlour at their farm near Launceston.

Following a recommendation to the couple by Gareth Jones of Lidcott Farm (who had two PV systems installed by Solgen) an in-depth site survey was carried out to discuss the requirements and benefits of installing a PV & energy storage system to help offset the increased energy demands of the parlour.

An application was submitted to National Grid who responded saying a maximum of 45kWp could be installed with export back to the grid being limited to 20KW. With this in mind the decision was made to install a 20kWh battery so that excess generation could be stored before any limitation occurred.

The battery would also help to reduce peak demand during milking sessions in the afternoon. Andrew & Jayne have also signed up to a ‘time of use’ tariff so that the battery can be charged at a cheaper rate and then used for the morning milking session, especially in the winter months.

The battery can also be easily expanded up to 58kWh in the future if the sites demand increases in the future.