Flat Roof Solar PV & Energy Storage System

The customer of this property was originally looking for an East/West PV system on the main roof of their property, but following a site survey and looking at the various options the decision was made to install the array on the large flat roof area of the extension.

As the mounting structure would be non-penetrating a detailed structural survey was carried out to ensure the additional weight of the ballast would be acceptable on the roof.

The modules are south facing, mounted on a 15 degree mounting structure and are very discrete from ground level. The customer is able to clean the modules regularly with easy access to the roof, which was another reason why the flat roof system was chosen.

The system also has a 5.68kWh BYD Battery to help store excess energy to be used at times of higher demand and over night. The homeowners also has the benefit of a ‘time of use’ tariff which allows them to charge the battery at a cheaper rate overnight to be used during the day to avoid higher unit rate charges.