Benefits of solar for business

Installing solar power is an sound investment for any business. Attracting a tariff for generating renewable energy, producing free electricity to be used on site as well as selling any excess energy back to the grid, a company can secure its long term energy future while achieving a sound return on investment:

  • The Feed in Tariff (FIT) – The 20 year subsidy provided by Ofgem for every kWh of electricity generated.
  • The export tariff – Get paid per kWh for any surplus energy not used on site and exported to the grid.
  • Reduced energy bills – Use the free electricity generated by the system on site, reducing your electricity bills.

While attracting the Feed in Tariff has its financial incentives many businesses are more interested in securing their long term energy future, while at the same time lowering the companies carbon footprint and adding green credentials to its brand.

Our dedicated team will carry out any installation swiftly and efficiently with minimal disruption to business operation. Will will plan each project thoroughly and work closely with each customer to ensure their requirements are met. Our installation at Shebbear college was installed around the students exams to avoid any disruption.