Shebbear College

Industry: Commercial

System Size: 119.59kWp

Annual Output: 123,806kWh

Annual Avoided Co2: 55,153kgC02

Shebbear College

Shebbear College is one of the oldest schools in Devon and draws upon over one hundred and seventy years of history in shaping its values and outlook. Pupils are educated within an 85 acre site in one of the safest and most idyllic campuses in the UK. The school is known for its pastoral care and its relatively small size (350 pupils) means that each child is known and treated as an individual. The College has a unique sense of community centred upon Christian teaching, but whilst the school honours its illustrious past it has its sights set firmly on the future, embracing innovations in thought, technology and education.

Over the last two years the college has installed 120kWp of solar pv to reduce the sites electricity consumption and carbon footprint. This, along with a large biomass plant which has been installed, has raised awareness with the students about the benefits of renewable energy sources.

Phase 1 – June 2013

Solgen Commercial were initially contacted by the college to carry out a feasibility study for a proposed 50kWp system. After looking at the various roof space available the decision was made to apply for planning permission for a ground mounted system in an area of land behind the main sports field. Solgen assisted the college with the whole process and the installation was completed before the tariff reduction at the end of the month.

Phase 2 – May 2014

The following year the college decided to extend the existing system by 70kWp after being granted the additional export by Western Power. The framework used for the extension housed three modules in portrait as opposed to the two in phase one. This was to make the planning process easier by keeping the footprint of the system the same as phase 1.